#012 - apr 28th 2013


The big Rubyconf starts tomorrow, I bet we will have a bunch of nice video to watch, for the majhority of us that don't go there. This week we had already a bunch of Confreaks videos from recent conferences. For the more visual of us, have a look at GoodUI, a Year of icons, Gamification News, Flat icons examples, Pinterest 2013 flat design trends and I suspect I should have a section for that kind of eye sweeties, maybe?


What could be heard last week ..
RubyRogues 102 (1h06) apr 24
discussion about rhetoric woth Joseph Wilk.
Git Minutes 05 (1h12) apr 22
with Martin Woodward about git and visual studio
Ruby5 #364 (5m) apr 23
rails4 on heroku, sync, bash, railsconf.
The Changelog 0.8.6 (1h18) may 3
With Jeff Atwood, talking a lot about Discourse.
Ruby Freelancer (56m) apr 25
convincing clients about value of testing (well, the panellists are not so much convinced themselves haha)
The Changelog 0.8.5 () apr 22
the return of The Changelog after 8 months of absence


Screencasts and conferences videos, or other video feeds ...
Ruby Tapas: The end of mocking () apr 22
on how to decide what to mock and what to really test
SDRuby 131: profiling ruby (32m) apr 23
techniques and tricks for profiling and fixing ruby code.
Mountainwest Rubyconf (15 videos) apr 26
a lot of talks abotu devops this year, brought by Confreaks.
Ruby Midwest (19 videos) apr 26
another batch of Confreaks, wow that's a lot at same time.


From the blogosphere or news feeds ...
RubyMotion, Earl Gray with Sugar apr 22
Sugarcube , a rubymotion DSL
Connect, a node.js middleware apr 22
another simple way to fire a web server with node
Parser and ruby code apr 26
a way to now more about what happens below the hood.
Promise based validations in javascript apr 25
a good introduction on what the heck are promises over a pratical example.
Tips for better commit messages apr 26
some common sense about this communication medium that a commit message is.
Few modern javascript inconsistencies apr 27
some javascript specificities and compatibility with old browsers.
Don't spam users, batch notifications apr 22
a nice presentation on how to use mailboxer for batching emails.
Sync - Realtime rails partials apr 21
an interesting technique for making more dynamic sync from models to views in rails.
Test-driven shell scripting apr 26
while shell scripts are not not so much into TDD, here is a proof of 'why not'.


A selection of gems or applications updated during past week.
for javascript, is like an oscilloscope, for code
is a frontend for working on rails translations
just released version 1.3.1, fatser and a bunch of fixes
Simple AB
makes it easier to do AB testing in rails
makes it easier to do AB testing in rails
is a js lib for building sql queries
is a js library for simulating physics engine, impressive
is a modern slider js library


It's hard to pass it, there are so many Saas out there. This week again, some more API-focused services.
Automating interconnexions between various APIs.
If This Then That is another very similar service for linking actions together
Yahoo pipes
Yet another way to pipe actions from sources to destination, a bit more advanced, but also more bound to the yahoo galaxy.
Links curated by mose (editor).

Green Ruby News was a feed of fresh links of the week about ruby, javascript, webdev, devops, collected by mose, xenor and tysliu every sunday.