#015 - may 19th 2013


Last letter was a bit wrong, too heavy. So I'm refining and simplifying the design a bit, and the 'join' section now will move to the website. Maybe if there is any request I could setup a different mailing for it.


What could be heard last week ..
Ruby5 369 (6m) may 10 rb
json, joybox, context validations, form objects, kidscode, plataformatec, tabulous, git real.
Git Minutes #08 (1h04) may 13 tool
Drew Neil made vincasts and talks about fugitive amd git inside vim.
RubyRogues 105 (1h21) may 15 rb
Discussion about Ruby Regular Expressions with Nell Shamrell.
The Changelog 0.8.8 (1h) may 15 tool
The Changelog moved to 5x5, and this edition is about Vagrant with its author, Mitchell Hashimoto.
The Changelog 0.8.9 (1h15) may 17 tool
Linux containers and Dockers, with Solomon Hykes founder of dotcloud.
Ruby5 370 (7m) may 17 rb
ruby patches, minitest,, postgres tagging, rubymotion, covim.
Javascript Jabber 059 (1h) may 17 js
JQuery mobile and related topics with Todd Parker.


Screencasts and conferences videos, or other video feeds ...
Texas Javascript (7 videos) may 12 js
Recently published videos of Texas Javascript 2013.
Embercasts (12m) may 12 js
A new serie of 4 screencasts about ember.
Models caching (12m) may 13 rb
Revised version of the caching trick for caching models.
Write a programming language (36m) may 14 rb
A BonstonRB session about how to write a programming language (38 first min).
The Road to Node.js v1.0 (50m) may 14 js
Isaac Schlueter talks about the node.js roadmap.
Google I/O 2013 (hours) may 15 web
The annual Google I/O is all over youtube, they filmed it all.
Breaking open: AngularJS (32m) may 17 js
Interview with the author of Angular, talking about the origins of the project.


From the blogosphere or news feeds ...
The Weight of the Web may 9 rb
Tricks on how to reduce page loads, especially working on images.
A simple CMS in sinatra may 13 rb
A quick walk-through building a sinatra CMS over mongoDB.
The Revealing Module Pattern may 13 js
In a serie of javascript patterns article, the modules pattern.
Build a Rich JavaScript Front End with Grunt may 13 js
Grunt is a great preprocessing engine, this post describes how.
Mass Assignment, Rails, and You may 13 rb
An overview on mass assignment, how to handle it, and strong parameters.
Ruby tips: Procs vs lambdas may 14 rb
The details of what makes procs and lambda different block syntaxes.
Stop leaky APIs may 15 rb
An API versionning strategy for rails apps.
Source Code Typography may 17 tool
Some thinking about code formatting rules and principles.
Sandi Metz’ rules for developers may 17 rb
How thoughtbot team copes with the Sandi 4 rules.


A selection of gems or applications updated during past week.
Ruby 2.0.0-p195 rb
This is a security upgrade for ruby version 2, plus some bugfixes and optimizations.
Unveil.js js
A jQuery pugin for image lazy loading. Load only when in the viewport.
CSS wizardry grid css3
Yet another css base for mobile first, responsive design.
ProMotion rb
A RubyMotion application framework.
Polymer js
A very interesting polyfills-based implementation of web components (design your tags).
Minitest rb
Minitest just shipped version 5.0.0,
Ruboto rb
Version 0.12.0 just came out, few new features, some bugfixes.
Agility.js js
Another javascript MVC framework, supposedly easier, over jQuery lib.
Level up rb
A simple rails engine for creating graphs based on jobs.


Web applications, available for making our life easier.
Clipping Magic tool
Remove background from image according to your markings, pretty neat.
Breakouts tool
The TodoMVC of javascript game tools. Simple game made with various JS frameworks.
Froont tool
Responsive web designer.
Links curated by mose (editor).

Green Ruby News was a feed of fresh links of the week about ruby, javascript, webdev, devops, collected by mose, xenor and tysliu every sunday.