#018 - jun 9th 2013


This week I'm going to totally change the order of the sections, following some feedbacks I had about the interests of our readers.


Web applications and tools, available for making our life easier.
Json Generator js
A page to generate json sample file, acording to a template.
Typeform tool
An online form builder, currently in beta.
WelcomeMat tool
Copy & Paste ASCII Art Welcome Mats for your HTML.
Mruby web IRB rb
This runs ruby in any browser, using webruby, mruby, asm.
Octokit rb
Client libs for accessing the github API, in ruby and obj-C.


A selection of gems or applications updated during past week.
Chartkick rb
Simple javascript charts made easy for ruby (also exists in pure js).
Wiselinks rb
An alternative to the rails 4 Turbolinks, with more features. js
Bidirectional data syncing via Socket.IO.
React js
JS library for building user interfaces, published by Facebook.


From the blogosphere or news feeds ...
Mobile App vs. Responsive Design? may 29 mobile
The 10 question to ask to chose native or web mobile app.
One week with Elixir may 31 rb
The log book from someone that discovers Elixir (erlang guts below, ruby taste above).
On Ruby modules and concerns jun 1 rb
About the use of concerns to extend ruby classes.
Hash lookup in Ruby, why is it so fast? jun 4 rb
The logic behind key-value pair management in ruby.
Progressive JPEGs FTW! jun 4 web
An easy improvement of user experience by just making jpeg progressive.
CSS-only: Load images on demand jun 5 css3
The details of image loading using only CSS.
Network Architecture Based on Gaming jun 6 web
Think about web app architecture like if they were using gaming kind of networking.
Getting started with RVM jun 7 rb
An update of the current way to use RVM.
Taming Your Cluster with ZooKeeper jun 8 rb
Small presentation of basic Zookeper features.


Screencasts and conferences videos, or other video feeds ...
Crafting Gems by Pat Allen (37m) jun 3 rb
A talk from Railsconf about creating Gems.
Ruby Tapas freebie (1h50) jun 5 rb
A quick trick to make a runnable library in ruby.
Inside RubyMotion (38m) jun 5 rb
Presentation at RubyKaigi of RubyMotion by Laurent Sansonetti (starts in japanese but switches to english).


What could be heard last week ..
Git Minutes #11 (50m) jun 3 tool
Recording in the Git Merge part 3. Git in spain, git migration, git submodules, JGit.
Giant robots 51 (33m) jun 3 rb
Ben discusses with Sandi Metz, our new ruby hero, about writing, coding and everything.
Ruby5 375 (5m) jun 4 rb
wiselinks, code smells, step by step rails, wrapping a C lib, rack-showme.
RubyRogues 108 (57m) jun 5 rb
Discussion about the current trends in ruby and around. diversity, polyglotism, js, nosql, functionnal, etc.
The Changelog 92 (1h) jun 7 rb
Sidekiq, Ruby, and more with Mike Perham, another ruby hero of this year.
Ruby5 376 (5m) jun 7 rb
octokit, european payment gateway, dbsync, pluck, ember-auth, the protector.
Javascript Jabber 062 (1h) jun 7 js
Dojo with Dylan Schiemann. What dojo is, and what version 2 will go for.
NodeUp 46 (1h20) jun 8 js
Javascript Promises, also known as Future, with @domenic, @rouxbot and @andywingo.

In french

We sometimes relay non-english content, given that our subscribers are in majority non english natives
Make hypermedia APIs in Ruby (25m) jun 6 rb
Une session á paris.rb par Nicolas Mérouze, a propos d'Hateos (self-discovered apis).
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