#019 - jun 16th 2013


There is so much noise about iOs7, it's hard to avoid referring to it a bit. But hopefully there is other news, like the new Ruby-lang website, now collaborative via github.


Web applications and tools, available for making our life easier.
Google Trends tool
Realtime animated display of search keywords on google.
Atomic design html5
A component approach to web design.
Space invader 404 web
Just put some vintage game on your 404 page.
Loon tool
The google project involving internet access by the way of balloons.
Unicode table tool
The table of unicode characters.
DPI love tool
A table to calculate the ppi/dpi conversion for all screen sizes.
Creative Button Styles css3
A list of button effects in the flat kind of flavor. tool
A creative design builder online in beta stage. tool
Another online page builder that is not to be confused with the previous one.


A selection of gems or applications updated during past week.
Rails 4.0.0-rc2 rb
Another step towards a final version next weekend (if this rc is good enough).
Ruboto rb
Version 0.13.0 of this ruby mobile environment for android.
Can I Use this widget html5
Mostly for technical writers, this widget enables displaying information from
Github notifier tool
Browser extension that displays your GitHub notifications unread count.
Conditioner js
A javascript library for loading and unloading behavior based on environment conditions.
DevTools Snippets tool
Dev snippets for chrome and firefox.
Gist-dep tool
A tool to make it easy to share snippets of code between projects and developers.
Fontawesome css3
This icon-font ships version 3.2.0 with 50 more icons.


From the blogosphere or news feeds ...
Using WebP with Modernizr jun 5 js
A use case of very good use of Modernizr js lib for delivering lighter images.
Irregular shape rollovers with Canvas and PNG jun 10 tool
The upgrade in twitter api was announced a while ago and is now effective.
Twitter API v1 Retirement is Complete jun 11 tool
The upgrade in twitter api was announced a while ago and is now effective.
iOS 7 And The Transition To Flat jun 11 css3
A moderate analysis of the new iOS design, that disappointed so many.
Yes, you really can make complex webapps responsive jun 12 css3
A showcase of using zurb foundation for responsive design css.
Nobody understands the GIL (1) jun 12 rb
Part 1 of a deep exploration of ruby Global Interpreter Lock.
Interviewing Rogues – James Edward Gray II jun 13 rb
In the serie of interviews of the Rogues, now it's JEG2 turn.
Nobody understands the GIL (2) jun 14 rb
Part 2 about the GIL, implementation details.
Making Infield Form Labels Suck Less jun 14 css3
An alternative for labeling in html forms.
Seamlessly Navigate Vim and tmux Splits jun 15 tool
Those tips are going in the current trend about remote pair-programming.


Screencasts and conferences videos, or other video feeds ...
Wait, Chrome DevTools can do THAT? (45m) jun 7 tool
Plenty of tricks about chrome devtools.
RubyKaigi videos jun 10 rb
A list of all talks from rubykeigi with links to videos and slides.
Ember.js Tutorial With Rails 4 (42m) jun 11 rb
This post covers setting up Rails4 as the persistence engine. : Waterfall Antipatterns (50m) jun 13 tool
Review of major features of and focus on the waterfall graph.
Content Security Policy (33m) jun 14 html5
A new feature in browsers for addressing the XSS problem.


What could be heard last week ..
Git Minutes #12 (51m) jun 10 tool
The last episode of this git podcast for now, still at gitmerge conf.
Giant robots 52 (1h) jun 10 rb
Ben discusses with Tenderlove and Joe Ferris. Pretty lively.
Ruby5 377 (5m) jun 11 rb
rubygems paranoia, scopes, rubberband flamethrower, stripe, git pairing.
RubyRogues 109 (57m) jun 12 rb
Extreme programming with Will Read, and its differences with Scrum.
The Changelog 93 (1h15) jun 12 css3
Sass, Bourbon and Product Design with Phil LaPier.
Ruby5 378 (5m) jun 14 rb
ror4 rc2, the gil, fontawesome, string inquirer, dist-dep, rubynation.
Javascript Jabber 062 (48m) jun 14 js
Group therapy for depressing geeks in a podcast. Nothing about js.
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