#020 - jun 22th 2013


There is a background noise recently about the return of big brother, prism, etc in many topics I parsed for this letter. Kinda scary. But here we only are interested by toys and tools, so let's be light headed and check out the stuff of this week.


Web applications and tools, available for making our life easier.
The OAuth Bible tool
The final version of the Oauth Bible by mashape.
The new github tool
There was an interface overhaul this week at github.
Secrets of the Browser Developer Tools tool
A website that gathers secrets about dev tools for all browsers.
Grumpicon tool
A drag and drop png gnerator from svg. js
A repository of useful (or not) javascript libraries (submit the ones missing).
13 reasons why inforgraphics work web
Very graphical demonstration of the power of images.
Fontastic tool
Online tool to create web fonts.


A selection of gems or applications updated during past week.
Flippant.js js
An alternative to modal windows, the flippable div.
CSS magic css3
A great collection of css3 effects on buttons.
CSS Animations css3
Another great collection of effects, almost similar to the previous one.
HTML inspector js
Nice tool to check webpage quality, on the html/css side.
Buttons css3
A compass tool for building buttons.
Shower js
HTML presentation engine.
WTCSS css3
Uses PhantomJS to analyse the CSS on a page.


From the blogosphere or news feeds ...
How I TRAINed to learn Rails jun 12 rb
Learn rails in 2 months, pointers and advices.
sourceMappingURL and sourceURL syntax changed jun 13 html5
The evolution of the sourcemaps syntax.
Getting started with Ember.js jun 14 js
A quick overview of the basics of emberjs, maybe the start of more blog posts.
Images for mobile jun 14 mobile
Some thinking about the image breakpoints in mobile websites.
Leveling Up on Chef Best Practices jun 14 tool
Some thinking about chef conventions.
Production Is All That Matters jun 16 rb
On how code is all about production mode, not about being beautiful.
Meet Fifteen Ruby Core Committers jun 17 rb
Translated interview of ruby core contributors gathered at RubyKaigi.
Cleanup Rails views with decorators jun 18 rb
A quick presentation of the draper gem.
How do I benchmark Ruby code jun 19 rb
The very intimate details of benchmarking ruby code.
Does the GIL Make Your Ruby Code Thread-Safe jun 19 rb
One more post about the GIL, following the last week explanation.
Heretical Guide To Ember JS jun 19 js
A new ebook of 100 pages covering Ember development ($47 is not cheap though).
Using Flash Messages With EmberJS jun 20 rb
Explanation of how to use ember-flash.
A List of Programming Screencast Series jun 21 tool
Avdi grimm gives us a list of screencasts series covering various topics.


Screencasts and conferences videos, or other video feeds ...
Build Your Own Portable Raspberry Pi (1) (18m) jun 9 tool
The Ben Heck show is a must in hardware hacking, now talking about making it wearable.
Build Your Own Portable Raspberry Pi (2) (17m) jun 16 tool
Part 2 of the easpberry hardware hacking by Ben Heck.
Railscast (free): Zurb foundation (11m) jun 16 rb
Quick presentation on how to integrate teh foundation css framework in rails.
Embracing IndexedDB (25m) jun 17 js
Offline storage in the browser with IndexDB, the successor of WebSQL.
Git From the Bits Up (55m) jun 17 tool
Yje secrets of git and badly known commands.
Faster Rails test runs (21m) jun 19 rb
That screencast is a lifve coding sessions, using fork and sockets ruby functions to build a custom test runner.
Node.JS: The Good Parts? A Skeptic's View (1h) jun 21 js
A talk from Chris Richardson, java developer, about how he got hooked on node.js.


What could be heard last week ..
Git Minutes #13 (51m) jun 17 tool
Richard Hartmann on Managing Your Homedir with vcsh.
Giant robots 53 (38m) jun 17 rb
Yehuda Katz and Tom Dale about their business at Tilde.
Ruby5 379 (6m) jun 18 rb
rails lts, awesome api, stubbing vies, environments, callbacks, changed tests.
RubyRogues 110 (57m) jun 19 rb
ActiveRecord with Ernie Miller that is not totally happy about it.
Ruby5 378 (5m) jun 21 rb
lineman, elixir, giyjib, benchmark, motion-accessibility, project death.
Javascript Jabber 064 (49m) jun 21 js
Ember Tools with Ryan Florence.
Links curated by mose (editor).

Green Ruby News was a feed of fresh links of the week about ruby, javascript, webdev, devops, collected by mose, xenor and tysliu every sunday.