#024 - jul 21th 2013


There was a need for that new section 'Look' for a while. I always have links to interesting UI and never know where to put them.


Examples of UI/UX, graphic performance, web design and flashy things.
Creative And Innovative Navigation Designs html5
A list of websites that get very creative about their navigation.
9 Mind-Blowing WebGL Demos html5
Impressive implementations of 3D in browser.


Web applications, resources and tools, available for making our life easier or funnier.
Responsive Navigation css3
Various approaches for handling navigation that scale for mobile.
Choose a licence tool
A microsite by github for explaining what are the different licences you can chose for your software.
List of Chromium Command Line Switches tool
Pretty useful ways to launch chrome with various debug or behaviour options.
Dev Docs tool
A compilation of documentation that make sense for web developers (brought by mozilla).
More lipsums tool
The classic latin Lorem Ipsum can be annoying. This site proposes a bunch of alternative fake texts.
Effeckt css3
Yet another collection of css effects but this one gathers many effects from various publishers.
Railsdiff rb
Runs a real diff on rails source code from one version to another, a bit hardcore but useful.
Web Tools weekly tool
Fresh new weekly newsletter, for front-end devs and designers.


A selection of gems or applications updated during past week. tool
Another documentation generation tool for projects, based on grunt.
Bunny rb
Shipping version 0.9 of this rabbitMQ client.
MMailer rb
A mail sender process for delaying mass mailing and staying under decent limits.
Usagewatch rb
A cool small script for getting linux system usage statistics.
Tabs rb
A redis-backed metrics tracker for keeping tabs on pretty much anything.
Upton rb
A framework for easy web-scraping.


From the blogosphere or news feeds ...
Storing tree structures in the RDBMS jul 11 tool
Some toughts about data based on parent-child structure.
Chat Example App Using Server-Sent Events jul 14 rb
Small experiment to use the Eventsource js SSE object with goliath as a backend.
Value Objects Explained with Ruby jul 15 rb
How to build value-objects in ruby.
The Plan for RSpec 3 jul 15 rb
Details about the future of rspec.
Essential Audio and Video Events for HTML5 jul 16 html5
Some tricks abotu using the progress event with audio and video html5 elements.
JavaScript Powered Arduino with Johnny-Five jul 16 js
A nice howto for using Johnny-five on arduino, based on mode toolset.
Shoes 4 – a progress report jul 17 rb
Shoes reborn from its ashes.
Looking Into the Future of Sass jul 17 rb
What is new in Sass v3.3 ? Well, a whole lot of things, all detailled in this post.
Docker for Rubyists jul 18 rb
Docker is the new clever thing using linux containers for packaging an environment easily.
How to avoid MySQL replication errors jul 21 tool
An interesting light on Percona server (a drop in mysql replacement) and mysql replication.


Screencasts and conferences videos, or other video feeds ...
GoRuCo 2013 (14 videos) jul 8 rb
A bunch a very good talks at Goruco.
Hello Polymer (35m) jul 16 js
Presentation by the chrome team about web-components and polymer.
Ember.js Persistence Foundation (58m) jul 18 js
EPF is an alternative to ember-data, deserves a look (


What could be heard last week ..
Giant robots 57 (28m) jul 15 rb
Delayed gratification with Micheal Klett from Chargify.
Ruby5 386 (5m) jul 16 rb
Pulsar, datamappify, Mmailer, Gutentag, Rspec3, destroyed_at, testing tuesdays.
RubyRogues 114 (1h10) jul 17 rb
Elixir with José Valim.
NodeUp 48 (55m) jul 18 js
About Node databases like levelDb and derived solutions.
Ruby5 387 (6m) jul 19 rb
Faster heroku deploys, scaling heroku, Sass sourcemaps, prepend_view_path, unique indexes.
Javascript Jabber 067 (48m) jul 19 js
Testem with Togy Ho, and testing javascript in general.
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