#033 - sep 22th 2013


The fresh links of the week.


Examples of UI/UX, graphic performance, web design and flashy things.
Pauline portfolio
Nice horizontal scrolling portfolio.


Web applications, resources and tools, available for making our life easier or funnier.
Web Components Resources web
A list of resources about web components.
JSFuck js
A tools that transforms any js in a fucked up mess using only 6 different chars.
Dploy tool
A deployment automation platform by beanstalk, free for opensource.
HTTP Flies tool
Complete list of http response code, illustrated.


A selection of gems or applications updated during past week.
Redscript js
A Ruby Flavored JavaScript Experiment. Like coffeescript, just more rubyesque.
OJ js
A JavaScript library to build websites with objects. No more html.
Goworker go
A drop in go replacement for Resque that runs much faster (when there is a lot of tasks).
Flatdoc tool
Small js for transforming a markdown doc in a nice documentation web page.
Phaser js
A HTML5 js game framework.
Sidetiq rb
Recurring jobs for sidekiq.
Together.js js
An interesting tool by Mozilla so that website visitors can interact with each others.


From the blogosphere or news feeds ...
Go Object Oriented Design sep 16 go
Composition not inheritance, polymorphism through interfaces, and packages for namespacing.
Ruby Tips Part 2 sep 16 rb
Destructuring, conversion methods, in a serie of ruby tips posts.
Frameworkless JavaScript sep 17 js
An argument why js framework are not fit for all jobs.
Rails debug in the browser sep 18 rb
View Rails debug messages in the browser console with Rconsole.
Github For Everything sep 18 tool
Using github for everything in a team.
Getting Started With Test-kitchen sep 21 tool
An environment for testing Chef recipes.


Screencasts and conferences videos, or other video feeds ...
Explore Your Data with Elasticsearch (18m) sep 20 tool
Quick presentation of what is elasticsearch.


What could be heard last week ..
Giant robots 66 (40m) sep 16 rb
With Anthony Eden about DNSimple, programming languages and code retreats.
Ruby5 403 (5m) sep 17 rb
rails env, onebox, shortcode, ruby 2.1, postgres_ext, ruby tdd and bdd.
NodeUp 52 (1h18) sep 18 js
Node Binary compatibility.
RubyRogues 123 (1h08) sep 18 rb
ROM (Ruby object mapper) with Piotr Solnica.
TheChangelog 104 (49m) sep 20 tool
Kickstarting Espruino with Gordon Williams.
Ruby5 404 (6m) sep 20 rb
explain_shell, gsub, hexpress, capybara2 and jquery, MRI GC settings, Rconsole.
Javascript Jabber 076 (50m) sep 20 js
Meteor.js with Marcus Phillips and Fred Zirdung.
Links curated by mose (editor).

Green Ruby News was a feed of fresh links of the week about ruby, javascript, webdev, devops, collected by mose, xenor and tysliu every sunday.