#042 - nov 24th 2013


42. Here we are. This memetic number marks an accomplishement in itself. Well, be sure to upgrade your ruby for the occasion, and if you still run 1.8, hum, you are screwed (unless you are on heroku, they patched their version).


Examples of UI/UX, graphic performance, web design and flashy things.
Information geographies
From the Oxford Internet Institute, a collection of maps related to the internet.
Horrible logos
Drawing bad logos for beer money since 2010.
A HTML/canvas/js mmorpg, very pixely.


Web applications, resources and tools, available for making our life easier or funnier.
How to not suck online tool
Simple advises to avoid sucking when you create a website.
I want to learn ruby rb
This list of links was sleeping for a while but the maintainer is now active again.
Dev tools snippets js
Some good javascript snippets for chrome and firefox.


A selection of gems or applications updated during past week.
Ruby 1.9.3p484 and 2.0.0p353 rb
Heap Overflow in Floating Point Parsing, upgrade or sink.
Passenger 4.0.25 ops
Phusion Passenger 4.0.25 released, upgrades to Nginx 1.4.4 which fixes CVE-2013-4547.
Rails Tracker rb
An elegant Ruby on Rails solution for your end users to track development progress.
Breeze js
Data management for JavaScript apps.
Watson tool
A console tool for managing issues tracking in-code, and sync to github tracker.
Webix css3
A collection of UI web widgets.
Foundation 5 css3
Zurb released the version 5 of foundation, worth a look.
RocksDB tool
A key-value store on the top of leveldb, brought by facebook.
Shipyard ops
Open Source Docker Management (with a web interface in python).


From the blogosphere or news feeds ...
Ruby C Extension with a static Library nov 18 rb
A Howto for wrapping C library with Ruby.
Weak passwords brute forced on Github nov 19 tool
Seems there is some botnet out there interesting in cracking github accounts.
Efficiency with Sublimetext and ruby nov 19 rb
Some starter sublimetext tips for ruby coders.
On Go’s Web Application Ecosystem nov 20 go
A review of golang in the web space, where it's still pretty fresh.
Haskell, where to start? nov 22 tool
In case you are curious about it.
Applying App design concepts to website design nov 22 design
A good article about website design, with nice examples.
Introduction to Thor nov 22 rb
Introduction and examples of thor, the popular command-line option parser.
Don't Stub the System Under Test nov 22 rb
Some advises about what to (not) stub in your tests.
Demystifying the Ruby GC nov 22 rb
About garbage collection in ruby 2.
Handling API Rate Limits nov 23 rb
Use delayed jobs to retry failed api calls due to rate limits.
Graceful Fallback with NullObject Pattern nov 23 rb
The right use of null objects to avoid problems with active records entries not found.


Screencasts and conferences videos, or other video feeds ...
CascadiaJs 2013 videos (22 talks) rb
Just released last week.
Yak shaving is best shaving (31m) nov 15 rb
Techniques for performance improvement in Active Records.
Rebuilding the heart of the Ruby community (24m) nov 21 rb
How rubygems server recovered from the security incident earlier this year.


What could be heard last week ..
Giant robots 75 (31m) nov 18 tool
With Catherine Bracy, Director of Community Organizing at Code for America.
Ruby5 420 (5m) nov 19 rb
PG on RDS, postmodern ruby, rails shopper app, rails 5 and quickbooks, mixpanel analytics, ruby under microscope.
RubyRogues 132 (1h23) nov 20 rb
Nothing to Hide with Steve Klabnik.
Ruby5 421 (5m) nov 22 rb
Valle, angular or ember, ionic, watson, faking services.
Javascript Jabber 085 (40m) nov 22 js
Huxley with Pete Hunt.
Links curated by mose (editor).

Green Ruby News was a feed of fresh links of the week about ruby, javascript, webdev, devops, collected by mose, xenor and tysliu every sunday.