#057 - mar 9th 2014


If debugging is the process of removing bugs, then programming must be the process of putting them in. // Edsger Dijkstra.


Examples of UI/UX, graphic performance, web design and flashy things.
This map shows what the global Internet really looks like
A map of the undersea cables that we depend upon.
68 Best Responsive Web Design Tutorials mobile
Very rich list of websites if you want to be more responsive.
Top 10 Open-Source Docker Projects ops
List of projects taking advantage of the docker system.


Web applications, resources and tools, available for making our life easier or funnier.
App Developer Atlas mobile
A directory of tools for apps developer.
JsonStub tool
Fake the backend while you develop the frontend.
Iconic design
Advanced icons for the modern web.
Animatron html5
Online tool for creating html5 animations.
Glyphr html5
A free, html5 based font editor.
Saas Club web
A website that tracks resources for the SaaS community.


A selection of gems or applications updated during past week.
Cut.js js
Dom + jQuery for canvas.
Pakyow rb
A not-so-well-known ruby framework, faster than Sinatra. Just release v0.8.
Elasticsearch-rails 0.1.0 rb
The decent successor of Tire seems ready now.
Freestyle mobile
Native app's look and feel, using CSS.


From the blogosphere or news feeds ...
Ruby 2.1 - Our Experience mar 1 rb
Experience report on ruby 2.1 migration path.
A GitHub River for Elasticsearch mar 3 tool
A neat new elasticsearch river.
Rails - the Missing Parts - Interactors mar 3 rb
Also need to check dhh's comment for why NOT doing a interactor.
Using Database Templates in Rails mar 3 rb
Database template for postgres application.
Putting the Can in CanCan mar 5 rb
cancancan, a cancan continuation (seriously, where is @rbate ?).
The Arbitrary Logo mar 5 design
Story and code about a changing logo.
Every team needs kick-ass code reviews mar 5 ops
Code review explained.
Critical crypto bug in Linux and apps mar 5 ops
This GnuTLS bug is worse than the big Apple 'goto fail' bug patched last week (also check this article).
Announcing the GitHub Developer Program mar 6 tool
An interesting new initiative from github.
Etsy’s Journey to Continuous Integration for Mobile Apps mar 8 mobile
An architecture exploration with all the details.
25 Code Snippet Resources and Repositories for Developers mar 8 tool
A pretty good shortlist of bookmarks for you geeks.


What could be heard last week ..
Giant robots #88 (28m) mar 3 web
Prospering Communities (Kyle Bragger).
Ruby5 445 (7m) mar 4 rb
Interactors, component, rubymotion, adapter pattern, ruby universe.
Ruby Rogues 146 (1h07) mar 5 rb
Book Club – Ruby Under a Microscope with Pat Shaughnessy.
Javascript Jabber 099 (56m) mar 5 js
npm, Inc. with Isaac Schlueter, Laurie Voss, and Rod Boothby.
Ruby5 446 (5m) mar 7 rb
Drone, under OS, hell ruby, costs, rails 4 assets, flippit.
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