#068 - may 25th 2014


Testing is a hot topic recently in the rails community. Reminds me of this image. But to tell you the truth, I'm not gonna stop unit testing, even if it's not enough. So, what is new this week? As usual, a bunch of things.


Examples of UI/UX, graphic performance, web design and flashy things.
808 cube
A beatbox in html in 3d, careful it can be hypnotic.
Web field manual
Various links and guidelines for modern web development.


Web applications, resources and tools, available for making our life easier or funnier.
Oozled design
Curated resources for everything design related.
HTTP API Design Guide web
HTTP API design guide extracted from work on the Heroku Platform API.
Web Api gap mobile
A comparison of various features and APIs across mobile platforms.
RAML tool
RESTful API Modeling Language.
Captain icon design
A free set of 350 vector icons and a cool design for the website.
Opbeat ops
Extends GitHub, tracks releases, catches Python/Ruby/Node.js exceptions.


A selection of gems or applications updated during past week.
Ruby 1.9.3-p547 rb
Very minor released, only fixes an SSL issue with old libs.
Devise 2 factor rb
Barebones two-factor authentication with Devise.
Simple token authentication rb
Simple (but safe) token authentication for Rails apps or API with Devise.
DoBy rb
Automatically expiring TODO notes in Ruby.
ActiveJob rb
Declare job classes that can be run by a variety of queuing backends.
Smart Listing rb
AJAX-enabled data lists with support for sorting, filtering and in-place editing.
OSWAP Mantra tool
It's a browser and a security toolkit.
Honey Badger tool
Honeybadger will dig up juicy informations about the site you are on. js
A JS framework focused on modern animation and transformation, definitely graphical.
Jr static js
Static web generator that moves the 'generator' part to the browser.


From the blogosphere or news feeds ...
About Martini may 19 go
Martini has lived, now Negroni is the new idiomatic web framework.
Git Undo by Example may 21 tool
Some common recovery scenarios.
Alert Design may 21 ops
Sometimes the alerts do little more than tell us that something went bump.
Notable Changes in RSpec 3 may 21 rb
3.0.0 final is just around the corner.
Caching in Rails 4 Applications may 22 rb
Focus on some ways to handle cache in rails 4 with memcached and/or varnish.
How to handle big repositories with git may 22 tool
Some ideas and techniques to deal properly with the different categories of huge repo.
Inspiration for article intro effects may 22 design
Some inspiration for effects applied to title headers of articles with a fullscreen image.
Crowdfunded RVM 2.0 may 23 rb
Lists what is planned for the new RVM 2.0.
Upgrading to Ruby 2.1 may 23 rb
Perfs improvements and how YAML parsing changed.
Next-Generation Responsive Web Design Tools may 23 design
Review of Webflow, Edge Reflow and Macaw


Screencasts and conferences videos, or other video feeds ...
Rails 4.1 variants (3m) rb
How to setup and use the new Rails 4.1 feature variants..
OpenStack 2014 (38 videos) may 20 ops
The videos os the OpenStack Summit Atlanta 2014.


What could be heard last week ..
Giant robots #99 (20m) may 19 web
You Are Not Alone (Greg Baugues about mental illness).
The Changelog #122 (1h13) may 19 rb
Rails Girls Summer of Code and Travis Foundation with Anika Lindtner and Floor Drees.
Product Hunt Radio 6 (44m) may 20 web
About time-saving products, new startup funding options, and fertility apps.
Ruby5 466 (6m) may 20 rb
Unexpected new Ruby, plenty of SMTP, Discovery Tests, building ROM, Windows ExecJS, Napybaras, and dangerous :nodocs: .
Code Pen 012 (39m) may 21 css3
Talking about VC funding.
Arrested DevOps 11 (1h) may 21 ops
DevOps at Etsy: Not a Unicorn, Just a Sparkly Horse.
Ruby Rogues 157 (1h23) may 21 rb
Book Club – Object Design Book Club with Rebecca Wirfs-Brock.
Javascript Jabber 109 (46m) may 21 js
Dependency Injection in JavaScript with Vojta Jína & Misko Hevery.
Ruby on Rails Podcast #151 (1h25) may 23 rb
Ross Penman - 15 yr old Scottish programmer.
Ruby5 467 (5m) may 23 rb
Rspec3 rc1, ActiveJob, Devise-two-factor, Camcorder, Teaching kids of Pis, Weirich on Exceptions.
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