#082 - aug 31th 2014


There was some much publications this week, it is harder and harder to make a selection. Also, I begin to have too long a list of podcasts and sometimes I can't listen to them all. Should I focus more? It would be annoying as I like eclecticism, in a certain range. Anyways, I'm happy to announce we almost have 500 subscribers by now, and more and more traffic on the website. You may laugh, but as I don't like google and their analytics/tracking, I use the good old webalizer for the Greenruby site stats. So vintage! Maybe one day I will setup a piwik though.


Examples of UI/UX, graphic performance, web design and flashy things.
Wired UK
Great design with horizontal scrolling.
Freelancers websites
Awwwards published a review of 6 websites for freelance designers this week.
Top 10 CodePens of the Week
Great selection if visual effects for your web UIs.


Web applications, resources and tools, available for making our life easier or funnier.
Ops School Curriculum ops
Comprehensive program to become an operations engineer, community written.
Project GITenberg tool
43,000 book in this git-powered version of project Gutenberg.
Fearless Rails Deployment rb
(book) deploy your Rails applications using Chef, RVM, Nginx, Unicorn, and Vagrant.
Learn ruby on rails rb
Short list of 29 online eductional resources for learning rails.
Jobmote tool
Directory of human-curated IT career opportunities that allow you to work from home.
Logio ops
Real-time log monitoring in your browser (with node.js + tool
Share your files from your Terminal.
Rocketboard tool
Capture whiteboards.


A selection of gems or applications updated during past week.
Git 2.1 Released tool
The list of new features and improvements is large.
Web console rb
Rails Console on the Browser.
Descriptive Statistics rb
This gem adds methods to the Enumerable module to allow easy calculation of basic descriptive statistics.
PutsReq rb
Record the HTTP requests sent or received.
Timesheet.js js
JavaScript library for simple HTML5 & CSS3 time sheets.
Chartist js
Simple responsive charts library.
Slap tool
Sublime-like terminal-based text editor.
Vedeu tool
Terminal based application framework in ruby without the need for Ncurses.
vagrant-env tool
Lets you place environment variables in a .env which are available to the Vagrantfile via ENV.
Stellar tool
Fast database snapshot and restore tool for development.
Gogs go
A self-hosted Git service written in Go.


From the blogosphere or news feeds ...
Digging Rails - How Rails Initializes Itself aug 24 rb
Detailed look at the Rails (4.2) initialization process.
The Lesser-known Features in Rails 4.2 aug 25 rb
Some less advertised features that will totally improve your daily work with Rails.
Checklist for Deploying a Rails App to Heroku aug 26 rb
Optimal production deploy to Heroku.
Docker Do's And Don'ts aug 26 ops
Lessons learnt from building a SaaS with Docker from
Reading Rails - TimeWithZone aug 27 rb
Where TimeWithZone comes from, and how it works (in rails).
Ruby version usage in commercial projects, 2014 edition aug 27 rb
Like last year, Semaphore published the stats of the projects they run tests for.
Faster capistrano deploys aug 27 rb
Deploy times from 5 minutes to less than 15 seconds.
Paperdragon: Explicit Image Processing aug 28 rb
Image processing gem for control freaks.
Terraform 0.2 aug 28 ops
Terraform is a tool for safely and efficiently building, combining, and launching infrastructure
Yahoo stops YUI development aug 29 js
After 8 years of service, YUI slips into darkness.
This is why you never end up hiring good developers aug 30 web
Great insight about technical recruitment.


Screencasts and conferences videos, or other video feeds ...
AtoZ CSS: Quotes (5m) aug 26 css3
The difference between dumb quotes and smart quotes.
How to use Ruby’s English and/or operators without going nuts (5m) aug 26 rb
A ruby tapas episode newly liberated by Avdi.
Rails 4.2 Introduction (6m) aug 27 rb
A quick look at the new features of Rails 4.2 in the first beta that was recently released.
Interview with Sandstorms founder about the personal cloud platform (27m) aug 27 ops
Why NOT use Docker in Sandstorm?


What could be heard last week ..
Giant robots #113 (33m) aug 25 tool
Minimum Path to Awesome (Rob Walling).
CodePen 20 (35m) aug 25 css3
Talking about APIs.
Web platform #8 (32m) aug 26 js
Exploring Dart & Polymer.
The Changelog 128 (1h) aug 27 js
Lineman.js and JavaScript apps with Justin Searls.
DevOps Cafe 53 (1h04) aug 27 ops
Mandi Walls through her journeys in the DevOps movement.
Ruby Rogues 171 (1h06) aug 27 rb
Evaluating Yourself.
Javascript Jabber 123 (43m) aug 27 js
Traceur with Erik Arvidsson.
Food Fight Show 78 (1h15) aug 27 ops
Ruby5 492 (7m) aug 27 rb
Rails 4.2beta, Royce, JSON API Resources, Country Select 2.0, Harpoon, Poodr course, feature focus.
Arrested Devops 19 (1h05) aug 28 ops
Started as a Dev, now doing Ops.
Ops All The Things 010 (50m) aug 29 ops
Development and the SysAdmin.
Ruby on Rails Podcast 165 (1h05) aug 29 rb
James Chevalier -
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