#085 - sep 21th 2014


There is some people every day on our irc channel, but as I wanted to try slack I opened a room there too (recent upgrades on hipchat were very annoying). Poke me if you want an invite to join it, for some chatting, or just if you want to see how slack works.


Examples of UI/UX, graphic performance, web design and flashy things.
Endless Icons design
A collection of free flat icons and creative stuff.
Design Patterns html5
Collections of patterns from Codepen contributions.
Party mode html5
Experimental music visualizer using d3.js and the web audio api.


Web applications, resources and tools, available for making our life easier or funnier.
Sinatra cookbook rb
(book) nothing to do with chef, all about Sinatra.
Ruby Gotchas rb
Collection of some good small gotchas when you write ruby script.
Algomation tool
Platform for creating and sharing didactic visualizations of algorithms.
CollabShot tool
Real time collaboration for screen grabs.
Weekend hacker tool
Find ideas for your weekends.
SpeedCurve web
Monitor front-end performance.


A selection of gems or applications updated during past week.
Ruby 2.1.3 rb
Contains a change of full GC timing to reduce memory consumption.
Elixir v1.0.03 rb
Elixir finally reached a stable milestone.
Katon tool
Alternative to Pow development tool, with a wider scope (Node, Ruby, Python, Go, ..).
Bosonic js
Set of tools to build and use reusable Web Components.
SweetLogger rb
A rails logger that don't let log entries for concurrent requests overlap.
Volt rb
A ruby web framework where your ruby runs on both server and client.
Nomad mobile
World-Class Command Line Utilities For iOS Development.
CosmosBrowserAndroid mobile
Connect to internet by SMS, no data or wifi required.
Rickshaw js
JavaScript toolkit for creating interactive time series graphs (based on D3).
Tinycon js
A small library for manipulating the favicon.


From the blogosphere or news feeds ...
Working With Complex SQL Statements in Rails and ActiveRecord sep 14 rb
Write your own activerecord method with custom postgresql sql code.
Daemonizing Ruby Processes sep 15 rb
How-to for daemonizing Ruby code without adding any new dependencies.
A Lightweight Way to Handle Different Validation Situations sep 15 rb
Some cases of conditional validations.
Upgrading GitHub to Rails 3 with Zero Downtime sep 15 rb
How they did it, plus some metrics.
Successful Tools in Remote Work sep 16 tool
Communication is king. It has to be, otherwise it all falls apart.
Getting Started with CSS Shapes sep 16 css3
Wrapping content around custom paths.
Postgres Window Functions sep 16 tool
Advanced sorting and limiting on a subset of a joined table of data.
The Rails + Angular equation can give you satisfaction sep 17 rb
Simple example or rails combined with angular.
Everything About Rake Tasks sep 17 rb
What Makes a Rake Task a Good Task?
4 ways Docker fundamentally changes application development sep 17 ops
How Docker containers streamline development and deployment.
9 ways to speed up your RSpec tests sep 19 rb
Various tips to make your tests faster.
Splitting monolithic Rails applications sep 19 rb
An approach for making a rails application more modular.
ActiveRecord Eager Loading with Query Objects and Decorators sep 19 rb
Also illustrates the use of the postgres window function.
Testing Page Objects with SitePrism sep 19 rb
SitePrism is a Page Object Model DSL for Capybara.


Screencasts and conferences videos, or other video feeds ...
AtoZ CSS: text (7m) sep 16 css3
Quick reference about all the text css styles.
Tom Dale talks about the humans behind Tilde and Ember.js (40m) sep 17 js
Bonus: A tour of their office.
The Raw Experience of Setting Up RubyMotion for Android (36m) sep 18 mobile
RubyMotion's support for Android has finally reached public beta.


What could be heard last week ..
Giant robots #116 (32m) sep 15 tool
A Model Jellyfish (Carl Smith).
Web platform #11 (54m) sep 15 js
The Bosonic Project.
Nodeup 72 (1h35) sep 15 js
A webgl show.
Ruby5 496 (6m) sep 16 rb
Volt, fast tests, protect from forgery, upmin admin.
Ruby Rogues 174 (1h14) sep 17 rb
Rubygems with Eric Hodel.
Javascript Jabber 126 (59m) sep 17 js
The Ionic Framework with Max Lynch and Tyler Renelle.
CodePen 23 (27m) sep 19 css3
Ruby on Rails Podcast 168 (1h06) sep 19 rb
Josh Owens - 2007 Rails Rumble Winner; Bonus Meteor Intro.
Ruby5 497 (5m) sep 19 rb
Fourchette, helioth, hutils, toshi, byebug.
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