#091 - nov 2nd 2014


This week I left my job at Faria and I joined Gandi Asia, as a devops again. The consequence is that I'm flying to Paris next week for one month. I wonder if I will be able to feed up Greenruby links curation as regularly as usual. That may be challenging. In the while, check out the Rails Rumble Winners for this year, there is some cool things.


Examples of UI/UX, graphic performance, web design and flashy things.
Benoît Boucart design
Benoît Boucart, a web designer, made a nice looking timeline.
Emoji Tracker tool
Realtime emoji use on twitter.


Web applications, resources and tools, available for making our life easier or funnier.
Trailblazer book rb
(Book) A New Architecture For Rails (writing still in progress).
Polarr design
A WebGL photo editor faster than Adobe Lightroom.
Gitgo tool
Free private version control hosting, charging per volume above 200M, not per accounts or repos.
Orion tool
Open Source Platform For Cloud Based Development, online IDE from eclipse.
Whiteout tool
Email encryption for the rest of us.
Packager tool
Distributing and installing modern web applications, automatically packaged.
Magic Import tool
The fastest way to turn a webpage into a table of data.
ZenHub tool
Turns GitHub Issues into real time draggable cards on shared Boards.


A selection of gems or applications updated during past week.
Ruby 2.1.4 rb
Mostly a security release, with also some bugfixes.
Rails 3.2.20, 4.0.11, 4.1.7, and 4.2.0.beta3 rb
A security upgrade related to CVE-2014-7818.
Rails 4.2.0.beta4 rb
The beta3 was just a security upgrade, this beta4 contains the real changes towards RC.
Rubinius 2.3.0 rb
A big changelog for this new version of rbx.
TTY::ProgressBar rb
A flexible progress bars drawing in terminal emulators.
rdoc-generator-mdoc rb
This generator outputs gem documentation in man format.
RailsScript js
Rails-centric, object oriented, featherweight framework for writing CoffeeScript.
Dashboards css3
Responsive Dashboard Templates for Bootstrap.
linux_provision ops
Library for provisioning initial setup of Linux computer for Ruby/Rails development.
OSquery ops
Use SQL to query low-level operating system information.
pgweb go
Web-based PostgreSQL database browser written in Go.


From the blogosphere or news feeds ...
Adding reentrancy fallback for your Sidekiq workers oct 27 rb
A nice way to implement reentrancy.
I Went to Haskell and All I Got Was a Pattern Matcher for Ruby oct 27 rb
Defp is a pattern matcher implementation written for and in ruby.
Containerization, Security and Trust Models oct 27 ops
New signed builds in docker 1.3 brings the topic of trust and key management.
Let’s Get Serious About Readability oct 28 tool
What makes code readable.
In search of the perfect JavaScript framework oct 28 js
Review of the criteria to take in account when making a choice of js framework.
jQuery 3.0: The Next Generations oct 29 js
How compat will be handled in the next verion os jquery.
Memoization in Ruby Using Metaprogramming oct 29 rb
Example of memoization with a function that calculates factorial recursively.
Real World Examples of Rails Engines in Action oct 29 rb
4 rails engine examined (forem, devise, spree, refinery).
4 Fantastic Ways to Set Up State in Minitest oct 29 rb
How to add the missing parts for minitest to compete with Rspec.
What I Learned About Hunting Memory Leaks in Ruby 2.1 oct 30 rb
Example and resources to optimize ruby programs, checking rbtrace dumps.
Ruby is about to get red hot. Again. oct 30 rb
Various ruby-based solutions to bring ruby everywhere (especially volt and rubyfire seem cool, for web apps).
How to write code that speaks for itself oct 30 rb
Self documenting code is code that speaks for itself.
Feature Flags on Rails oct 30 rb
Use the Rollout gem as a way of implementing Feature flags.
The Best Plugins for Sublime Text oct 30 tool
Subjective but extensive list of ST3 plugins.
PGP and You oct 31 tool
Great primer that enables encrypted communication between individuals (more and more a required concern).


Screencasts and conferences videos, or other video feeds ...
AtoZ CSS: z-index (8m) oct 30 css3
Stacking order for DOM elements.


What could be heard last week ..
Product Hunt Radio 27 (43m) oct 28 css3
Talking about Hackathons.
CodePen 025 (36m) oct 28 css3
Payments, Stripe, IPN.
Giant Robots 120 (54m) oct 28 web
Open Your World For Commentary (Tom Lehman)
Ruby5 506 (6m) oct 28 rb
Pocketsphinx-ruby, Lita, ognivo, Neo4j in rails, rails rumble winners.
Ruby on Rails Podcast 174 (1h11) oct 29 rb
Introduction to Ninefold for Rails Hosting.
RubyRogues 179 (1h32) oct 29 rb
Accountability and Diversity with Meagan Waller.
Javascript Jabber 131 (49m) oct 29 js
Conferences & Meetups with Dave Nugent.
The Cloudcast #168 (22m) oct 29 ops
Containerized Continuous Delivery.
The Cloudcast #169 (26m) oct 29 ops
DevOps Incident Management with BigPanda.
CenturyLink Labs #19 (37m) oct 29 ops
Making Clustered Infra Look Like One Big Server with Mesosphere and Florian Leibert.
Adventure in angular #14 (38m) oct 30 js
Using ES6 with Angular with Scott Allen.
Web Platform #16 (1h09) nov 1 web
Measures of Success in Pair Programming.
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