#092 - nov 9th 2014


My new job is much deeper in devops than before. Gandi really is a great environment for real geeks. Rails and ruby still remains dear to my heart, but now this becomes a side interest for me. I hope I still can keep up with this weekly gathering of links. Some focus may change though. I'm switching now from chef to puppet, and I may have even more interest on devops links. But I will try to keep it balanced. Maybe organize the links gathering a little more collaboratively?


Examples of UI/UX, graphic performance, web design and flashy things.
TwoFold design
Website of a design agency, pretty beautiful.


Web applications, resources and tools, available for making our life easier or funnier.
Bada55 css3 is about finding the most badass leet words for your CSS hex colors.
Useful Chrome Extensions for Designers & Developers tool
20 chrome extensions you may need.
Do tool
Helps people run productive meetings.
Stackshare tool
Discover what top companies are using.
Cheatography tool
Cheat sheet generator and repository where you can build and share cheat sheets.
Pixelapse design
Visual version control and collaboration workflow for open source and private design projects.
Google Container Engine ops
Run Docker containers on Google Cloud Platform, powered by Kubernetes.


A selection of gems or applications updated during past week.
Ruby 2.2 packages for Ubuntu rb
Brightbox packaged ruby 2.2.0 preview 1.
Shoryuken rb
AWS SQS thread based message processor for Ruby.
Pronto rb
Quick automated code review of your changes.
RailsStats rb
See stuff about a Rails app.
Close Enough rb
For dyslexic coders. Yes, it's a joke.
Twemoji js
Open sourcing Twitter emoji for everyone.
Stager ops
Automatically build staging environments from GitHub pull requests.
Materialize css3
A modern responsive front-end framework based on Material Design.
ShadowCrypt tool
Encrypt your social communications.


From the blogosphere or news feeds ...
Getting Started with Hadoop nov 3 tool
Basics of what Hadoop is, what options are out there, setting up a basic cluster.
Why your code is so hard to understand nov 3 tool
Why my code makes perfect sense while I am writing it but looks like gibberish when I go back to it later.
Benchmarking Rack Middleware nov 3 rb
If we can't measure something, we can't make it fast.
'respond_to' Without All the Pain nov 3 rb
If you want to return different information for different formats, you have a few options.
Rails Rumble Gem Teardown nov 4 rb
166 Gemfiles analyzed to see what tools rails rumblers have used.
Fluentd Goes Gopher nov 4 go
Fluentd forwarder now will be written in go (like logstash forwarder, interestingly).
AngularJS: The Bad Parts nov 5 js
Opinion: Whatever the reason is for Angulars popularity, it isn’t that it’s a great framework.
The Ruby Ecosystem for New Rubyists nov 6 rb
Review of various initial ruby tools that newcomers to ruby should be aware about.
Rust and Go nov 7 tool
Brief comparison between Rust and Go, picking up on some of the nice features in both.
Lazy Refactoring nov 7 rb
Example of step by step refactoring using lazy enumerators.
State Machines in Ruby nov 7 rb
Example of step by step refactoring using lazy enumerators.
Layout Math with CSS: Understanding calc nov 8 css3
A couple of examples of usage of calc() in css.
PID tracking in modern init systems nov 9 ops
Two ways of enabling daemons to coexist with upstart and systemd.


Screencasts and conferences videos, or other video feeds ...
Time Zones using the local_time Gem (12m) nov 6 rb
A look into times, timezones, and how to handle it better with javascript.
DevOps Enterprise Summit 2014 (27 videos) nov 6 ops
Recordings of talks from the DevOps Enterprise Summit, held October 21 - 23, 2014.


What could be heard last week ..
Giant Robots 121 (32m) nov 3 web
Prolificness (Allison House)
Ruby5 507 (7m) nov 4 rb
Rubinius 2.3.0, Zopfli-ffi, Benchmarking Rack, Enums and Queries, Ruby Garbage Collector, Hunting for Leaks in Ruby.
CenturyLink Labs #20 (35m) nov 4 ops
Geeking Out On APIs With Wynn Netherland from GitHub.
NodeUp 75 (52m) nov 4 js
A nodeforward show.
Food Fight Show 83 (52m) nov 4 ops
DevOpsDays Belgium 2014.
The ShipShow 51 (1h) nov 4 ops
Five Years of DevOps (and Its Days).
RubyRogues 180 (59m) nov 5 rb
Barriers to New Developers with Kinsey Ann Durham.
Javascript Jabber 132 (58m) nov 5 js
MV Frameworks with Craig McKeachie.
Adventure in angular #15 (34m) nov 6 js
Angular and Kendo UI with Jesse Liberty.
Web Platform #17 (1h06) nov 6 js
The vision of 'Mobile First'.
Ruby5 508 (6m) nov 7 rb
Rails Rumble Gem, Shopify admin, 4 ways to setup minitest, Rails with Ember.
Ruby on Rails Podcast 175 (1h06) nov 7 rb
Carlos Souza from Code School.
The Cloudcast #170 (35m) nov 8 ops
Reigniting of the Cloud Wars.
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