#097 - dec 14th 2014


Back to Taipei, after a one-month trip to Paris in the Headquarters of Gandi. My new devops job is amazing, the team is hardcore and the culture really refreshing. Despite it's not anymore focused on rails, well, I think I can continue my weekly review for a while, on the side.


Examples of UI/UX, graphic performance, web design and flashy things.
Your Future design
Pretty creative university teaser.


Web applications, resources and tools, available for making our life easier or funnier.
APIcast tool
A free cloud API gateway service that lets you launch, manage, and scale your API.
Kano computer kit tool
A raspberry DIY computer for kids.
Kanbanote tool
Makes evernote look like trello.
Fork-n-go tool
A template to start with, free hosting and deployment in a few clicks, with jekyll and github pages.
Infogram tool
Infographics. The easy way.


A selection of gems or applications updated during past week.
Traveling Ruby rb
Project which supplies self-contained, 'portable' Ruby binaries, for easier apps distribution.
Slide Show (S9) rb
A free web alternative to PowerPoint and Keynote in Ruby.
Graph rb
Graph is a type of hash that outputs in graphviz's dot format.
mina_maintenance rb
Maintenance Page Support For Mina, like it does with capistrano.
X-tag js
Web Components Custom Element capabilities to all modern browsers.
Converse js
A free and open-source XMPP chat client for your website.
github-todos tool
Git hook to convert your TODOs into Github issues.
Fossil tool
A distributed version control systems, alternative to git.
Seagull ops
Friendly Web UI to monitor docker daemon.


From the blogosphere or news feeds ...
Make Your Program Slower With Threads dec 6 rb
How much do context switches matter?
Weird Ruby Part Two: Exceptional Ensurance dec 8 rb
Play with exceptions oddities.
Docker extensions: the new Docker plugins model dec 8 ops
A future of healthy innovation in the Docker ecosystem.
How to Keep Bad Abstractions From Handcuffing Your Code dec 9 rb
How do you build good abstractions, while staying far away from the bad.
Using FactoryGirl to easily create complex data sets in Rails dec 9 rb
Leveraging ffaker you can make realistic looking, randomized data.
Top 11 Best Ruby On Rails CMS for Programmers dec 10 rb
List of some Ruby on Rails content management systems.
Rubinius Metrics meet InfluxDB dec 10 rb
Combine rubinius metrics with statsd, influxdb and grafana.
Rack middleware that will add nofollow to your links dec 10 rb
Using nokogiri for hooking change in rendered pages.
Why did Koding move away from Docker to virtual machines? dec 10 ops
Explanation from Koding CEO of why they ended up to use AWS.
Learn Regular Expressions in 20 Minutes dec 11 js
Quick overview of most common use cases of regexes.
The Inconvenient Truth About Dynamic vs. Static Typing dec 11 js
In short, dynamically typed languages are dead.
Why You Should Avoid Sass @extend dec 11 css3
Extending is invisible, not flexible. Mixins have no drawback.
Fun with Robots, Lita, and HipChat dec 11 rb
How to setup Lita, connect it to HipChat and to a rails app.
Ruby and R dec 12 rb
R-Ruby libraries that provides capabilities to execute blocks of R code within a Ruby program.
Thinking Sphinx on Ruby on Rails dec 12 rb
Quick implementation of a search engine in rails.
Exciting logstash plugin ecosystem changes dec 12 ops
With the release of Logstash 1.5.0 Beta, huge changes in the way plugins are installed, maintained, and published.


Screencasts and conferences videos, or other video feeds ...
Build podcast 063 (30m) dec 14 js
Socket IO.


What could be heard last week ..
Giant Robots 125 (43m) dec 8 ops
Rebooting (Adarsh Pandit).
Arrested DevOps 26 (1h) dec 8 ops
The Database: The Elephant in the Room.
CodePen 29 (30m) dec 9 rb
Ruby5 516 (6m) dec 9 rb
jRuby, ROM, Traveling Ruby, early validations, rewrites with Science, Rails Camp NZ.
RubyRogues 185 (1h12) dec 10 rb
Rails 4 Test Prescriptions with Noel Rappin.
Century Link Podcast 21 (28m) dec 10 ops
VirtKick: an Open Source VPS and Your Own Digital Ocean.
Puppet Podcast Puppet Server (34m) dec 10 ops
Puppet Server is a rewrite of puppet master in clojure.
Javascript Jabber 137 (1h) dec 10 js
&yet with Henrik Jorteg and Phil Roberts.
Cloudcast #173 (27m) dec 11 ops
Hashicorp Atlas - Framework for Cloud Automation.
Adventure in angular #20 (42m) dec 11 js
Structuring Code in an AngularJS App with Dan Wahlin.
Ruby on Rails podcast #179 (1h21) dec 12 rb
Trek Glowacki - Learning Ember.
Web Platform Podcast 21 (1h10) dec 12 js
The X-Tag Project.
The Bike Shed 4 (38m) dec 12 rb
Put Everything on the Front End.
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