#098 - dec 21th 2014


Jingle bell, Rails 4.2 is out. There are a bunch of new features there that have been expected for a while. But there is a lot other things to check out in this week collection of links. Enjoy your holidays if you get any.


Examples of UI/UX, graphic performance, web design and flashy things.
Gif my live design
In french, and so visual. Takes a bit to load though.


Web applications, resources and tools, available for making our life easier or funnier.
AppGyver mobile
For hybrid app development from the get-go.
Apps for Creating Online Graphs and Charts tool
Creating graph online without any installations.
Working Effectively with Unit Tests tool
(book) most effective way to test.
Designing for Performance web
(book) review of the book 'Designing for Performance' by Lara Hogan.
Best jQuery Timeline Plugins for Developers js
Curated list of jQuery timeline plugins.
25 Free Responsive HTML5 Templates for 2014 css3
25 templates to get your project started.


A selection of gems or applications updated during past week.
Rails 4.2 rb
Active Job, Asynchronous Mails, Adequate Record, Web Console, Foreign Keys.
Ruby 2.2.0-rc1 rb
The final release of Ruby 2.2.0 is scheduled on December 25, 2014.
Jam rb
Jam entire gem into a binary that works with any ruby.
Dare rb
Ruby Web Game library on top of Opal.
Wysihtml js
The code is completely library agnostic: No jQuery, Prototype or similar is required.
Skeleton css3
A dead simple, responsive boilerplate.
Phusion Passenger 4.0.56 ops
Facepalming at file descriptor leak, Node.js load balancing.
gitfs ops
Version controlled file system.
spigo ops
Simulate Protocol Interactions in Go.


From the blogosphere or news feeds ...
Vagrant Push: One Command to Deploy Any Application dec 12 ops
Vagrant 1.7 comes with a new command: vagrant push.
Getting an A+ on Qualy's SSL Labs Tester dec 14 ops
This post will detail the steps for getting an A+ SSL rating using Nginx.
Hashie Considered Harmful dec 15 rb
An Ode to Hash and OpenStruct.
What service objects are not dec 16 rb
An opinionated guide to Service Objects.
Object creation in Ruby and JavaScript dec 17 rb
How Ruby objects are mapped in JavaScript-land by the Opal compiler.
Exploring dependency injection options dec 17 rb
Constructor injection and setter injection.
Launch of iOS and Android Support on CircleCI dec 17 mobile
CircleCI just acquired Distiller, a company focused on iOS testing and deployment.
16 Tips from the 2014 Winter Miniconf dec 18 rb
Grab bag of Linux, shell, PostgreSQL, and Ruby tricks.
Elegant permalinks in Rails dec 18 rb
Adding permalinks to a Rails app using the friendly_id gem.
Getting started with Guacamole on Rails dec 18 rb
Guacamole is a object-document-mapper, alternative to ActiveRecord.
RIP Nagios. Hello Docker Shinken! dec 18 rb
Guacamole is a object-document-mapper, alternative to ActiveRecord.
Creating Stateful Modals in AngularJS dec 19 js
With Angular UI Router.
How to Redirect a Web Page dec 19 html5
Examples of redirects done by HTML, JS, Web servers, PHP, Ruby, Node js.
Graceful server restart with Go dec 19 go
How to cleanly upgrade a running server.
Hash19: A JSON aggregation library dec 20 rb
A Ruby gem to map complex JSON to objects.
How to Use Omniauth with MongoDB to Authenticate your Users dec 20 rb
A Ruby gem to map complex JSON to objects.
Don't update NTP – stop using it dec 20 ops
Better use tlsdate.


Screencasts and conferences videos, or other video feeds ...
The Death of Agile (44m) dec 16 rb
Talk by Dave Thomas from ThoughtWorks, quite humorist.
Sysadmincast #43 (22m) dec 16 ops
Crash Course on Vagrant.
Velocity 2014 (9 videos) dec 16 web
Velocity Conference Europe 2014.
GoRails #36 (22m) dec 19 rb
Comments With Polymorphic Associations.


What could be heard last week ..
Giant Robots 126 (47m) dec 15 ops
Log In to Your Space (Zach Dunn).
Century Link Podcast 22 (26m) dec 15 ops
What's New in Deis 1.0 Docker PaaS.
Puppet Podcast: TDD (24m) dec 16 ops
Puppet Server is a rewrite of puppet master in clojure.
Ruby5 517 (4m) dec 16 rb
Streem, Rails 4.2.rc3, Papercrop, RubyMotion 3.0.
RubyRogues 186 (1h07) dec 17 rb
The 4 Rules of Simple Design with Corey Haines.
Javascript Jabber 138 (1h02) dec 17 js
{Track:js} with Todd Gardner.
Adventure in angular #21 (27m) dec 18 js
Duck Angular with Avishek Sen Gupta.
Web Platform Podcast 22 (1h14) dec 18 web
LIVE - An Open Source Discussion Panel.
The Changelog #135 (1h) dec 19 web
EOY 2014 with Adam and Jerod.
Ruby5 518 (7m) dec 19 rb
Eastward Ho, no hashie, Git, where does your code go, strong parameters.
Links curated by mose (editor).

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