#106 - feb 15th 2015


Examples of UI/UX, graphic performance, web design and flashy things.
Golf Man design
Extremely photographic and creative transitions.


Web applications, resources and tools, available for making our life easier or funnier.
Ruby Newbies rb
A community for newbies to ruby .
Neo4j+Ruby rb
A collection of resources about Neo4J and a Ruby.
StaticGen tool
Top Open-Source Static Site Generators.
Watch People Code tool
Live stream from /r/WatchPeopleCode subreddit.
Subtle Click Feedback Effects css3
Great collection of click effects.
Interaction Design Best Practices design
(book) A free e-book by UXPin on interaction design..


A selection of gems or applications updated during past week.
PrettyBacktrace rb
Pretty your exception backtrace.
Verse rb
Lib for Text transformations.
MemFs rb
Provides a fake file system that can be used for tests. Strongly inspired by FakeFS.
html5-boilerplate 5.0 css3
The new version of this css layout after one year of fixes.
Git-stats tool
A GitHub-like contributions calendar, but locally, with all your git commits.
Cram tool
Functional testing framework for command line applications.
Hubpress tool
A web application to build your Blog on GitHub.
TouchSwipe mobile
a jQuery plugin for touch devices.


From the blogosphere or news feeds ...
Testing Elasticsearch In Your Rails 4 Application feb 9 tool
.. the same way you test against db.
Sublime Text Packages for Developers feb 10 tool
15 plugins that you need to check out.
Stop Writing Slow Javascript feb 10 js
Various ways to consider convenience against efficiency trade-off.
Must Have HTML5 Text Editors feb 11 js
12 HTML5 rich Text Editors to include in your applications.
Algorithms, Data Structures and Web Development feb 11 web
Web development isn't less complex than other software engineering domains anymore.
Great Icon Fonts for Your Projects feb 11 css3
Links to 11 icon fonts available for replacing image icons.
iBooks-like Layout with Light CSS/JS feb 11 css3
Two columns. Scrollbar along the bottom.
Maintainable I18n with Rails and AngularJS feb 12 rb
Serve all the translations via AJAX.
Image Processing with Rails feb 12 rb
Tutorial demonstrating some functions available with Carrierwave and Imagemagick.
Symmetric Encryption With Ruby and Rails feb 12 rb
Usage of Symmetric-key encryption as provided by OpenSSL::Cipher.
How to use Ruby instead of sed and awk feb 12 rb
Run simple Ruby one-liners from the command line.
February's top new web design tools feb 12 tool
Utilities for working with Google Fonts, style guides, SVGs, iOS animations and IE8 pitfalls.
Prometheus: A Monitoring System Suited for Containers feb 13 ops
Next-generation monitoring system from SoundCloud.
Predicting Test Failures feb 13 rb
what if we could predict which tests are likely to fail after we’ve changed the code?
Using postgresql and hstore with rails feb 13 rb
New column type in rails 4 named hstore, a column based on a key-value data structure.
Docker Latest Release with IPv6 Support, Read-Only Containers feb 14 ops
Docker version 1.5 was released this week.
What is Rack? feb 14 rb
Review of what Rack is and what good it can do for you.
Test Isolation Is About Avoiding Mocks feb 14 rb
Isolated testing has an easily identified villain: the deeply-nested mock object.


What could be heard last week ..
Web platform #30 (1h17) feb 9 web
Community Contributions. About running meetups, building software in the open, and sharing with the community.
Giant Robots 133 (34m) feb 9 web
The DNA of Music (Matt Aimonetti).
DRT: Christian Reber (40m) feb 10 web
How to Build Great Software.
Ruby5 #527 (7m) feb 10 rb
chat_correct, Practical Parallelism, Validate False, Passenger 5 Beta 3, Amazon SDKv2, Emoji Templates, T-R-U-E, Ruby Heroes.
CodePen 35 (23m) feb 10 ops
Fullstack Radio 9 (52m) feb 11 rb
David Heinemeier Hansson - Architecture, Patterns and Design.
RubyRogues 194 (50m) feb 11 rb
Real Life JRuby with Sudhindra R. Rao.
Developer tea 17 (11m) feb 11 rb
Volt and Isomorphism with Ryan Stout, part one.
Javascript Jabber 146 (87m) feb 11 js
React with Christopher Chedeau and Jordan Walke.
Food fight show 88 (52m) feb 11 ops
Configuration Management Camp.
Adventure in angular #29 (35m) feb 12 js
Angular At Work with Ben Nadel.
Ruby5 #528 (5m) feb 13 rb
Heroku Recommends Puma, pretty_backtrace, Weird Stuff with Hashes, Ruby Survey 2015, Que.
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