#108 - mar 1st 2015


Examples of UI/UX, graphic performance, web design and flashy things.
USM anniversary initiative design
Great layout, and creative navigation.
Coulee creative design
Web agency website, very graphical and animated.


A selection of gems or applications updated during past week.
Ruby 2.0.0-p643 rb
last ordinal release of Ruby 2.0.0, it's going in security maintenance phase now.
middleman-presentation rb
Build presentations based on reveal.js.
Fault Tolerant Router rb
A daemon, running in background on a Linux router or firewall. A real router, not a rails one.
Impress css3
Presentation tool using CSS3 transform and transitions.
Sharelock tool
Securely share data.
RancherOS ops
A minimalist distribution of Linux designed from the ground up to run Docker containers..


From the blogosphere or news feeds ...
Offline-first, fast, with the sw-precache module feb 23 html5
sw-precache hooks into your existing node-based build process and generates a list of versioned resources.
Dropdown Menus with More Forgiving Mouse Movement Paths feb 23 css3
Old topic but still relevant for multi-level drop down menus.
There's More to Ruby Debugging Than puts() feb 24 rb
Advanced debugging katas.
Why We Killed Off Code Reviews feb 24 tool
How pairing replaced code reviews at RealScout.
Using AngularJS for Data Visualisations feb 25 js
Run through creating three different sorts of charts using both inline CSS and SVG.
The Beginner’s Dilemma: Your First 100 Hours of Code feb 26 tool
How to approach the first phase of the learning-to-code journey and a clear path to get you through it.
Using the Sucker Punch Ruby Gem to Cache Stripe Data in Rails feb 26 rb
Even though Stripe is generally pretty fast, retrieving customer data on the fly can be expensive.
The simple but powerful Ruby Struct feb 26 rb
A quick dive into ruby structs.
Service Objects in Rails feb 26 rb
Service Layer to represent a domain-oriented layer of behaviors that provide an API for the domain layer.
Large Scale Payments Systems and Ruby on Rails feb 26 rb
The case of Airbnb for managing payment code.
Fixing Passenger Enterprise + Capistrano zero-downtime restart caveats feb 27 rb
Using Capistrano with Passenger Enterprise's Standalone mode, rolling restarts appear to be broken. Here is how to fix it.
Introduction to Object.observe feb 27 js
Feature to be added to Javascript of part of ECMAScript 7 to support object change detection natively in the browser.
Basic Curses feb 28 rb
Advanced curses tricks with ffi-ncurses.


Screencasts and conferences videos, or other video feeds ...
Loading Code with Ruby (6m) feb 26 rb
Ruby load path, including how require works, how load works.


What could be heard last week ..
FullStack Radio 10 (1h10) feb 22 tool
Type Safety Roundtable with Ryan Tablada and Matt Machuga.
Giant Robots 135 (33m) feb 23 web
Planning For Change (Ben Arent).
Web platform #32 (1h06) feb 24 web
Microsoft Spartan & Internet Explorer.
Ruby5 #530 (5m) feb 24 rb
1.9.3 is dead, HTTP Request in Rails, Melt, Traveler, Merging Ruby Hashes, code outside of Rails, StopLight.
Javascript Jabber 148 (1h05) feb 25 js
.cx and EveryBit.js with Matt Asher and Dann Toliver.
RubyRogues 196 (1h15) feb 25 ops
Docker with James Turnbull.
Developer tea 21 (25m) feb 25 web
Why You Should Create a Personal Site and Start Writing.
Adventure in angular #31 (45m) feb 26 js
Advanced Directives.
Arretsed DevOps 31 (1h06) feb 26 web
Javascript Jabber 150 (1h02) feb 27 js
Puppetlabs 20150227 (29m) feb 27 web
Starting and Growing a Puppet User Group.
Ruby5 #531 (6m) feb 27 rb
fast-ruby, middleman-presentation, railyard, ES6 with Rails, Caching with Sucker Punch.
The Changelog #144 (54m) feb 27 tool
GitHub Archive and Changelog Nightly with Ilya Grigorik.
Links curated by mose (editor), xenor, simon (informers).


The random rant of the week by mose.

Working abroad

Our craft as webdev is clearly in huge demand. This provides an opportunity for us to travel abroad, discover new cultures, widen our horizon. When I went to live in Taiwan, I was not worried about finding a job. But when hunting for a job abroad it can be tricky to find companies that will sponsor a visa, a work permit, or whatever legal requirement is involved in each countries.

That's what the new initiative called TechMeAbroad aims to fix, by listing only job opportunities for which a work permit is sponsored. As Julien Barbier explains, it will launch in march, and if you know of any job offers that includes a visa or such thing, please let him know (or send it to me I will pass it along), so we can feed that platform with some real data quickly.

So long ruby 1.9

As planned, it's now time to say byebye to ruby 1.9.3. But there is still so many old version of ruby in the wild. In debian squeeze, you gotta use 1.8. In wheezy, you have 1.9. And there are still many servers that will refuse to upgrade.

Pick your hero

The registration for Ruby Heroes 2015 is now open. Go vote for your favorite ruby influential dev. You have until railsconf that will happen in april, in Atlanta this year.

Green Ruby News was a feed of fresh links of the week about ruby, javascript, webdev, devops, collected by mose, xenor and tysliu every sunday.