#109 - mar 8th 2015


Examples of UI/UX, graphic performance, web design and flashy things.
Dogstudio design
They make good shit (that's what they say).


Web applications, resources and tools, available for making our life easier or funnier.
Modular Rails rb
(book) divide your application into small and reusable bricks.
Frontend Stuff tool
A continuously expanded list of framework/libraries and tools for frontend, mostly js.


A selection of gems or applications updated during past week.
Ruby 2.2.1 rb
Some fixes in GC and ffi.
Passenger 5.0.1 rb
The famous Raptor was actually a new passenger.
Airbrush rb
Airbrussh pretties up your SSHKit and Capistrano output.
Concourse ops
CI system based on pipelines.
HTTPie tool
Command line HTTP client, a user-friendly cURL replacement.
Flickity js
Touch, responsive, flickable galleries.
Slideout mobile
A touch slideout navigation menu for mobile web apps.
Swiper mobile
Mobile touch slider with hardware accelerated transitions.


From the blogosphere or news feeds ...
Introducing Yesql for Ruby using ROM mar 3 rb
A new adapter for ROM based on the clojure yesql.
Browser Trends March 2015: Renewed Interest in Opera? mar 3 tool
Most recent numbers of browser version usages.
Spicing Up the Bootstrap Carousel with CSS3 Animations mar 3 css3
Bootstrap provides a caroussel plugin, here is how to improve it.
All About Methods mar 3 rb
How methods are defined and bound to instances.
asm.js Speedups Everywhere mar 3 js
State of how browsers optimizes asm, and where it's going.
Turning the database inside out with apache Samza mar 4 ops
A very long and detailled article in favor of replacing DB by Streams.
Requiring code in Ruby mar 4 rb
Require or require_relative, that is the question.
Blog in Markdown, Deploy with Webhooks mar 4 rb
Thoughtbot evolution of their blog system.
A Guide to Markdown for Simpler Web Writing mar 4 tool
Markdown is widely used in article writing, documentation, help text.
Volt: Assets, Components, and Routes mar 5 rb
Dive inside an example of volt application.
Understanding the CSS animation-fill-mode Property mar 5 css3
That animation-based property isn’t very self-explanatory.
Creating responsive, touch-friendly carousels with Flickity mar 5 js
Example of usage of Flickity.
Demystifying React Components State mar 6 js
Components state and when to use them.
Closures in JavaScript mar 7 js
How the variable names are resolved in nested functions.
Intro to MongoDB for Postgres developers mar 7 rb
Review of what mongodb looks like when you come from postgres.
Rails 4 Performance Tips mar 7 rb
Tricks and tools to make it faster.


Screencasts and conferences videos, or other video feeds ...
Gorail 45 (14m) mar 5 rb
Exporting Records To CSV.


What could be heard last week ..
Git Minutes 32 (1h16) mar 2 tool
Adam Spiers on git-deps.
Giant Robots 136 (31m) mar 2 web
I Think it Was the Altitude (Ben Orenstein).
Developer tea 23 (14m) mar 2 web
When to Adopt New Technology: A Simple Value-based Rubric.
Web platform #33 (43m) mar 3 js
React Week.
Ruby5 #532 (5m) mar 3 rb
Secure Cookies, Regex Examples, Debugging Ruby, Arbre. From Rails to Ember, Madison Ruby CFP.
Nodeup 84 (32m) mar 4 js
io.js update #1.
RubyRogues 197 (1h11) mar 4 rb
The Social Coding Contract with Justin Searls.
Developer tea 24 (23m) mar 4 css3
Scott Jehl on Responsible Responsive Design and Progressive Enhancement, Part One (part 2 was published too, on mar 6th).
Javascript Jabber 149 (43m) mar 4 js
Passenger Enterprise with Node.js with Hongli Lai and Tinco Andringa.
The Bike Shed 9 (34m) mar 5 rb
Monorails, For the Kids.
Adventure in angular #32 (49m) mar 5 js
Angular UI Router with Craig McKeachie.
Food Fight Show 89 (52m) mar 5 ops
ChefConf Preview.
Ruby5 #533 (5m) mar 6 rb
Ruby 2.2.1, Regularity, Loading Code with Ruby, Passenger 5.0.1, GORUCO CFP.
The Changelog #145 (1h48) mar 6 rb
10+ Years of Rails with DHH.
Cloudcast 181 (41m) mar 7 ops
Investigating the ELK Stack.
Links curated by mose (editor), xenor, simon (informers).


The random rant of the week by mose.

About blogging

Well, since that whole blogging thing began, I never have been very active on it. Well, I have a blog on Tumblr because I wanted to know how they are doing it, I published various posts in the faria devtips, and after all, this rant could also count as a publication. So I think I will gather them all under one unique site. A Jekyll github-pages kind, easy and cheap.

After all, I'm not sure the devtips website will stay up any longer. There have been no post since the day I left. Too bad. It's a demonstration that some collective actions can sometimes rely only on the energy of one person.

So, I made a new repo on github for it, and I will gather whatever stuff I can find that I wrote in there.

Lovely FreeBSD

At our Gandi office in Taipei I had to install a pfsense server, which is based on FreeBSD. It was quite a pleasant experience, actually. Last time I played a bit with BSD that was 12 years ago, and that was not very smooth. I'm happy to be given that occasion to see how it goes now.

For now I'm going to use it like if it was an OpenWRT with some extra OpenVPN abilities. And it will also be a file server for the LAN. Not sure yet how I will handle that.

Ruby package management

When I got in my new job, I discovered a new way to manage server management. They didn't want to use rvm, or even ruby gems, or pip or anything that is not debian packages. It may sound quite harsh. Since I came in ruby in 2010, rvm has been my best friend, bundle the second one. But this approach is very developer-based. When you maintain large and stable systems, it's more likely that you will not trust the bleeding edge stuff and prefer confirmed publication of packages before using them. This is an interesting slap on my face.

Of course there are the brightbox packages for Ubuntu, but that's missing the point. A release has to be out for a certain time so it can be strengthened by security reviews and proper production usage. There is a part of the population for each language that is considering the instability of current releases a normal trade-off. but there is a huge lot of other companies that will wait patiently that things get stable enough for their taste.

Green Ruby News was a feed of fresh links of the week about ruby, javascript, webdev, devops, collected by mose, xenor and tysliu every sunday.