#134 - aug 30th 2015


Examples of UI/UX, graphic performance, web design and flashy things.
UI movement design
UI design inspiration.


Web applications, resources and tools, available for making our life easier or funnier.
Evolvr web
IMDb for Products & Companies.
go-starter-kit go
Golang Isomorphic React/Hot Reloadable/Flummox/Css-Module Starter Kit.
Awesome Sysadmin ops
Curated list of open source sysadmin resources.


A selection of gems or applications updated during past week.
Rails 4.2.4 and 4.1.13 have been released aug 24 rb
Mostly bug and vulnerability fixes.
Action Cable rb
Framework for real-time communication over websockets in rails.
Dkron go
Job scheduling made easy, distributed and highly-available.
Writ css3
A default stylesheet for all browsers.
fit-commit tool
A Git hook to validate commit messages.
hyper ops
Hypervisor-agnostic Docker Engine.


From the blogosphere or news feeds ...
I, Object! aug 23 rb
Ruby likes ducks.
Running a High Traffic Rails App on Heroku's Performance Dynos aug 24 rb
If you’re currently using 10+ 2x dynos. Consider using performance dynos.
Machine Learning made simple with Ruby aug 24 rb
Make automatic classification work properly without resorting to using external prediction services.
Caveats for interrupting Ruby code aug 24 rb
Ways to interrupt codes in threads.
What’s New in Bootstrap 4 aug 25 css3
Last week, Bootstrap turned four-years-old, and its creators, Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton, released Bootstrap 4 alpha.
How to Use Rails Active Job aug 26 rb
Active Job is a way to standardize the interface to a number of queueing options which already existed.
Introducing enquire.js aug 26 js
Lightweight, pure JavaScript library for responding to CSS media queries.
Avoid these traps when nesting Ruby modules aug 26 rb
Some gotcha with nested modules.
An Editable Grid with jQuery, Bootstrap, and Shield UI Lite aug 27 web
Shield UI Lite is an open source jQuery library that includes, among other components, a jQuery grid.
Build a Clock in 18 Lines of JavaScript with no Dependencies aug 28 js
You can benefit from building a clock in raw JavaScript rather than reaching for the nearest plugin.
Six Tips for Chrome DevTools aug 28 tool
Inspect Element journey.
Stay safe while using html_safe in Rails aug 28 rb
Story of that terribly named method in rails.
ActionCable Devise Authentication aug 28 rb
Share the Devise authentication with a websocket server.


Screencasts and conferences videos, or other video feeds ...
Watch: Elegant Coding Through Dynamic Methods (10m) aug 27 rb
Ruby is a great language and metaprogramming is one of its most powerful features.
LoneStarRuby2015 (13 videos) aug 28 rb
Ruby conf that happened in Austin, Texas on august 15th.
Links curated by mose (publisher), xenor, tysliu (editors) .


The random rant of the week by mose.

The dimensions of coding

Today while wandering around in my weekly hunt for good links, my eye has been attracted by a post named Coding is three dimensional. It's quite an interesting way to consider it. But the reason why it struck me is that it was missing the fourth dimension. That makes all the difference when you get years of coding. You know that time is a parameter.

Code don't exist out of time. It has a past, perspective of a future, that both shape its current morphology. There are a lot of efforts to produce code analysis. But the real analyst is an historian and needs a systemic approach that includes time as a factor. We are still far from being able to automate that. In some ways, it's a good news, we won't be replaced by small scripts very soon.

The time factor is actually the essential element in the technical debt formula. Purist coders can't cope with technical debt but if you have two onces of business man inside, it makes total sense. The tradeoff in technical quality versus fast deliverability only makes sense because the timing is critical. A mess is not a technical debt.

If coding was disconnected from the market, and if it was not a business or more like an art, maybe time would not be that critical. But even open source software is dependent on the market at one point or another. I fail to see how it could be different.

Honestly, I would prefer clean coding and no market tradeoff, but that's just a dream.

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