#146 - nov 22th 2015


Examples of UI/UX, graphic performance, web design and flashy things.
Buca boot design
A simple but good design all on one page.


Web applications, resources and tools, available for making our life easier or funnier.
Empire of code web
A new game involving coding.


A selection of gems or applications updated during past week.
Nprogress-rails rb
Slim progress bars for Ajax'y applications.
Godmin rb
Admin framework for Rails 4+
Sigma js js
Publish networks on Web pages.
Multi-Level Menu js
Simple multi-level menu with delayed item animations.
Notie.js js
A clean and simple notification plugin.
Kong tool
Open-source, Microservice and API Management Layer built on top of NGINX.
Git-fastclone tool
git clone --recursive on steroids.


From the blogosphere or news feeds ...
Sidekiq 4.0 is now available nov 16 rb
Benchmarks show a lot of effective optimization.
Lexical scoping and Ruby class variables nov 16 rb
Class variables are confusing. Even expert Ruby users can find them hard to intuit.
Deploying Ruby Apps with Bare Metal: A New Type of VM nov 16 rb
The Bare Metal container platform is a service from CenturyLink, here is how to set up a simple Ruby app there.
Update your gems every Monday morning nov 16 rb
Frequent updates of your gems saves money.
Static Website Generators Reviewed nov 16 tool
Jekyll, Middleman, Roots, Hugo.
The Cost of Frameworks nov 16 tool
Interesting transcription of a talk about how to think about using a framework.
Open Sourcing Statsgod nov 16 go
A StatsD Implementation In Go.
Why It's Time For Go Packages To Start Versioning nov 16 go
Please provide semantically versioned releases of your Go packages and libraries.
Anatomy of a Haskell-based Application nov 16 hk
A general overview of what an Haskell application looks like.
Spying on running Ruby processes nov 17 rb
How about injecting code to be executed inside of a running process?
Peeking Under the Hood of ActionController Parameters, Part 1 nov 17 rb
All about the permit method filters.
Instant Loading Web Apps With An Application Shell Architecture nov 17 mobile
Diving into Progressive Web Apps (PWA).
Brakeman Pro 1.0 nov 18 rb
Initial release of Brakeman Pro.
Stretchy Navigation in CSS and jQuery nov 18 css3
A rounded navigation trigger that stretches on click/tap to reveal the navigation items
Learn concurrency by implementing futures in Ruby nov 19 rb
Futures are a concurrency abstraction that represents the result of an asynchronous computation.
The many uses of Ruby case statements nov 19 rb
The case statement is more flexible than it might appear at first sigh.
Representable 2.4 nov 19 rb
How Functional Programming Speeds Up Rendering And Parsing.
Getting started with service workers nov 19 js
There was a time when people only related the use of push notifications to mobile applications. Luckily, that time has passed.
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The random rant of the week by mose.

A Hackhaton in Taipei

In 2 weeks Gandi organizes with .taipei registry a Hackhaton with pretty wide topic. It will be at at the Hi-tech Promotion Center in Taipei on December 5 and 6. I will be there (part of the jury), so if you want to have some week-end fun and are in Taipei at that time, feel free to join in. There will be prizes, free domains and hosting. I would love to see some ruby projects there.

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