#154 - jan 17th 2016


Examples of UI/UX, graphic performance, web design and flashy things.
The grey tales design
Very interactive and graphical layout.


Web applications, resources and tools, available for making our life easier or funnier.
RubyFu rb
(book) A book with ruby hacks and tricks. web
Handpicked content about remote work.
ShellCheck tool
Shell script static analyzer.


A selection of gems or applications updated during past week.
Hash_police rb
To check whether given two hashes are of the same format.
Scenic rb
Versioned database views for Rails.
Imba js
A new programming language for the web that compiles to performant and readable JavaScript.


From the blogosphere or news feeds ...
How To Parallelize Ruby HTTP Requests jan 10 rb
Of a good usage of em-synchrony.
Enumerators and Enumerable Methods in Ruby jan 11 rb
One of the coolest features of Ruby is the Enumerable methods.
Capistrano Server Configs in YAML jan 11 rb
Extract server-specific information from your Capistrano deployment files.
Create dependency structures with local Ruby Gems jan 11 rb
Using a local gems dependency structure is complementary to good object oriented practices
Debugging gems with git bisect. jan 12 tool
Bisecting is an oft-overlooked tool that's good to have in your arsenal
The Sass Ampersand jan 12 css3
A nice time-saver when you know how to use it, or a bit of a time-waster when you're struggling.
The Evolution of Rails with David Heinemeier Hansson jan 13 rb
A 1-houyr long audio interview with DHH.
101 Ruby Code Factoids jan 13 rb
A collection of Ruby tricks.
Dockerizing a Ruby on Rails Application jan 13 rb
Why and when should we use docker?
Parallel JavaScript with ParallelJS jan 13 js
One of the coolest new possibilities arriving along with HTML5 was the Worker interface of the Web Workers API.
Influencing Web Layouts with Print Layouts jan 13 css3
Examples on playing with fonts and shapes.
Refactoring in Ruby: The right place for a Builder? jan 13 rb
Use builder for validating dependent relation objects.
Why Kubernetes doesn’t use libnetwork jan 14 ops
The deep reasons why kubernetes and docker actually don't mix that well.
Terraform Design Patterns: the Terrafile jan 14 rb
Design pattern to use Terraform even more productively.
Designing A Product Page Layout with Flexbox jan 15 css3
Flexbox can help us create flexible layouts that are optimized for the web and mobile devices.
Dear Github jan 15 tool
An open letter to GitHub from the maintainers of open source projects.


Screencasts and conferences videos, or other video feeds ...
The Axis of Flexbox (7m) jan 13 css3
Learn about the axes of Flexbox, which are different than the traditional top to bottom, left to right axes.
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