#185 - aug 21th 2016


Examples of UI/UX, graphic performance, web design and flashy things.
The Taproot Agency design
Research-driven marketing & digital agency


Web applications, resources and tools, available for making our life easier or funnier.
Functional-light-js js
(book) A book about functional programming in JavaScript.
Arguman web
A pretty interesting way to develop debates.
Baqend tool
High-Performance Backend-as-a-Service


A selection of gems or applications updated during past week.
Daru rb
Data Analysis in RUby
Oprah rb
Opinionated presenters for Rails 5 - without the cruft
Emittr rb
A Ruby event emitter implementation.
Zchannel.rb rb
Provides a high level and easy to use API for sending objects between Ruby processes.
Go 1.7 is released aug 15 go
Faster compile times, around 20% smaller binaries and better garbage collection for faster applications


From the blogosphere or news feeds ...
The cost of small modules aug 15 js
Depressing fact about Browserify and Webpack: The more I modularize my code, the bigger it gets.
Offline Storage for Progressive Web Apps aug 16 js
2016 will hopefully be the year we build for network resilience.
Colorized man pages: Understood and customized aug 15 tool
It's not because we love console that we don't love colors, right?
Using `git bisect` to debug regressions with Rails codebase aug 16 rb
Examples of using git bisect to identify the source of regressions in the ruby on rails codebase.
Looking at your program’s structure in Go 1.7 aug 16 go
Flexible typography with CSS locks aug 17 css3
You can have perfect smooth scaling between any 2 font sizes over any viewport range.
Context aware MySQL pools via HAProxy aug 17 ops
To be able to serve under the high load GitHub operates at, they use MySQL replication to scale out read load. Here is how.
You should Learn Vanilla JavaScript Before JS Frameworks aug 18 js
Should you learn vanilla, pure JavaScript before hopping on the trendy JS frameworks bandwagon? Yes.
The poor, misunderstood decorator aug 19 rb
One of the least understood design patterns, explained with practical examples.
The Ruby Community and Reputation aug 19 rb
The last rant from Akita about the rails community evolution.
Puppet - our journey from Puppet 3.8 to Puppet 4 aug 19 ops
Report of a migration, with very good outcomes.
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The random rant of the week by mose.

Working out

During the past year I have been doing some working out. No no there is no fitbit involved. Are you crazy? My physical activity includes a strict refusal of pointless efforts. I deliberately choose to use the bike rather than the bus, it has the purpose of transportation,. But just getting sweaty for the sake of it, well, that's not my thing. I'm talking about a git-commit working out. I decided to have one commit a day on github (minimum) and instead of the fitbit or whatever phone app, I used the github timeline as a monitor.

So that's one year now and I got my github timeline all green. In itself it doesn't achieve anything except for myself. I mean, it's quite easy to fill up a timeline with fake entries. But by getting this challenge of one commit a day, it led to some valuable outcomes. I got some more work projects validated to be published as open source. Whenever I was not feeling inspired for code commit, I was chasing typoes in my Readme's, or dependencies upgrades in my gems.

Overall, it had quite a good impact on my coding publication, on the updating of my blog (well, that blpg mostly gather the rants I do here), and various other small details. Well, I'm not a very famous open source coder, just an average joe. But a persistent one. It's very easy to just upload shit on github and forget about it. Having this regular commitment made me come back on some old things, keep them current somehow.

Getting some routine in place that includes open source activity has various benefits, even when you don't have an audience. You should try it.

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