#213 - mar 5th 2017


Examples of UI/UX, graphic performance, web design and flashy things. design
French website with nice dragging effect.


Web applications, resources and tools, available for making our life easier or funnier.
Rubyland rb
Ruby feeds.
Oh my dear JavaScript js
Some gotchas in JS. tool
Generate HTTP response on demand.
Auth-Boss tool
Different authentication methodologies on the web.


A selection of gems or applications updated during past week.
Dry_require_spec_helper rb
So that you don't have to put the line again everytime writing a spec.
Ruby 2D rb
Make cross-platform 2D applications in Ruby.
Cerebro App tool
Open-source Spotlight-like smart search app.
Rib rb
A lightweight and extensible irb replacement.
Erubi rb
Small ERB Implementation.
Brains-jruby rb
A feedforward neural network implementation for JRuby.
Fman tool
A modern file manager.
Tent CSS css3
A lightweight CSS framework with BEM methodology.
Poxi js
A pixel art editor.
Neurojs js
A javascript deep learning and reinforcement learning library.
Httplab go
An interactive web server.


From the blogosphere or news feeds ...
Slicing up Rails Application.js for Faster Load Times feb 27 rb
Reduce page load time by putting js to pages where it belongs.
Towards Faster Ruby Hash Tables feb 27 rb
What makes ruby 2.4's hash table faster.
Ultimate Guide to API Design feb 28 web
A guide that packed with examples of searches, authentication, error handling and versioning.
Grid + Flexbox: the best 1-2 punch in web layout mar 2 css3
Using flexbox to build grid easier.
Links curated by xenor (publisher), xenor (editors), Nauman Tariq, ilake (contributors) .


The random rant of the week by xenor.


Soldiers find peace in war, lawyers find peace in court, and we programmers find peace in resolving conflicts.

Green Ruby News was a feed of fresh links of the week about ruby, javascript, webdev, devops, collected by mose, xenor and tysliu every sunday.