How to Activate Duo Two-Factor Authentication on WordPress Website

Do you own a WordPress blog? If yes, then you might always be worried about security of your blog being it hosted on such a versatile platform. Well if you like to safeguard your blog from hackers while giving extra protection to your users then keep reading this article in full depth. Here you will get to know a very popular and strong mechanism of adding double layer of security to your WordPress blog with – Two-Factor-Authentication.

This Two-Factor-Authentication puts extra check on authenticity of the users while signing into the blog. For using such type of authentication users have to verify their WordPress accounts by means of following methods:

Phone Call – Receiving a call on your phone and entering the received pin while getting login.

SMS – Getting a text message with a pincode to enter at the time of signing into the blog.

Mobile App – Using a mobile app that will create a code or by sending a push notification with a secret code for logging into blog’s panel.

How to Setup for Two-Factor-Authentication

To enable this security layer to your WordPress blog you need to register at Duo-Two-Factor-Authentication. Here is the complete guide to setup and install this extra protection to your website:

1.   First of all you need to register for an account at

2.   After registration and confirming your account, you need to add “Web SDK” integration to the DUO admin panel. Also make sure to select the “WordPress” as integration name and as visual style and save the changes. Also do take care of noting down the integration key, secret key and API hostname as you are going to need these keys for proper configuration.

3.   Now login into your WordPress blog as administrator.

4.   Navigate to the “Plugin->Add New” and search for “Duo Two Factor Authentication” plug-in and install it from the link there.

5.   At last, navigate to the Settings page from dashboard to configure the plug-in completely. Finally enter the integration and navigation keys that you acquired from DUO interface. After making all these settings click on “Save Changes” button.

So the setup and configuration is over now and next time you log into your WordPress, you need to face an enrollment process after submitting the username and password combination in the login form.

The enrollment requires adding & verifying the phone number of the user. You will also be asked for downloading the DUO-security Mobile App, but you can skip that.

Also it needs to be mentioned that besides being free, Duo Security also has some limitations specifically the one that states that you can have free two-factor-authentication only for 10 users. But if you need to plan having more users then you can do so by paying some extra fee to Duo Security. Also you can select what type of users will have this authentication enabled for – such as admins, editors, authors etc.

So now you have given a new power to your blog’s security and from now your specified users will also have to verify their login via their mobile phone along with their username-password combination.

In this way you can save your blog from hackers and your online data is saved. I hope you have enjoyed this article and if you have any tip then do let us know in comments below. Thank you

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