How to connect hard disk to Smartphone

Smartphone now-a-days have a good internal storage, or an SD card slot for extra storage space. But this might not be enough space for some people who don’t have an SD card slot or want to store a lot of media files such as videos or music.

So, if you want extra storage for your Smartphone or if you want to access some media from your hard disk to your phone, here’s how to connect hard disk to smartphone. All you need is a USB OTG (On the Go) Cable and an external storage (hard disk or pen drive). You can buy an OTG cable from Flipkart or Amazon.

After you have an OTG cable, just follow these steps:-
1. Connect your external storage device (Hard disk or pen drive) to the OTG cable.

2. Connect the other end of the OTG cable to your Smartphone.

3. Open the file explorer on your Smartphone and you will be able to access your external storage.

This way, you could store large files on your external storage device and access them through your Smartphone.

In order to connect hard drives you have to ensure that your hard drive is not in NTFS format (which it usually is). There are certain software’s available to convert hard disk from NTFS to fat32 but I will suggest against them, as you might lose your data doing so. So the better way around would be first copy all your data from the hard disk to another media then format your hard disk in FAT32 format.
You can also connect a mouse or keyboard to your Smartphone using an OTG cable. If you encounter any problem, let us know in the comments.

  • All devices do not support OTG feature.
  • Phones will not detect NTFS partition by default.
  • Your phone may not be able to provide enough power to run a hard disk. Arrange for an external power source in that case.

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