How to Transfer Files over Wi-Fi between Your Devices

Transferring files over Wi-Fi is really very easy and faster than any other wireless file transfer methods. FileDrop is one of the best software that will help you transfer files over Wi-Fi across all your devices. As compared to Bluetooth, transferring files over Wi-Fi is very fast and you can easily transfer large files which would take forever on Bluetooth. Now that we have looked the advantage of transferring files over Wi-Fi let’s see how we can transfer files over Wi-Fi.

How to Use FileDrop to transfer files over Wi-Fi

To start using fileDrop across your devices you just have to follow the steps discussed below.

Step 1 – Download FileDrop

First of all you will have to download FileDrop application on all your devices be it android, windows pc/phone. To download FileDrop from Google Play click on this link, and to download FileDrop windows application click on this link. After downloading, install the application on all the devices for which you want to use FileDrop.

Step 2 – Connecting to a Wi-Fi connection

You will have to connect all your devices to the same Wi-Fi connection to be able to transfer files amongst your devices. When you have connected to the same wifi connection, open the FileDrop application on all your devices.

FileDrop will scan for the devices that are running FileDrop at the same time. When the scanning is completed, you will see all the devices that are ready for the file transfer.

Step 3 – Transferring Files

After connected to a Wi-Fi connection, get to the device from which you want to transfer the files. Then click on the target device, where you will be sending the files.

Two icons will pop up, one icon (the left one) is for transferring photos (this options makes your job easy by providing all the photos available on your device) and the other one is for transferring all the files including photos. Now you can select the files that you want to transfer to your other device.

After you have send the request to transfer the files, on the other device you will get the option to accept or reject the incoming file/files. When you click on the accept button, the file transfer will start and in a short amount of time your files will be transferred to the target device.

Changing the Download folder

You can change the download folder (the folder where the files will be stored after the transfer). To change the download folder, just click on the small icon at the bottom of the application. After you have clicked on that button, you can select/change the download folder.

Problems with FileDrop

The only problem with FileDrop is that, if you are transferring large number of files (that means about 70-100 files) then you might face some problems as the transfer might stop at 70% (I have faced this problem). To counteract this, you can make a single zip file of all your multiple files and then transfer.

Note- Here I am talking about the number of files not the size of files.

If you face any problems while transferring files please leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help.

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